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integrated degree program


Combine theory and practice with each other in an integrated degree program.

celano GmbH supports dedicated students during their integrated degree program to ensure highly qualified employees for long term.


cooperative engineer education

Since winter term 2007 celano GmbH offers the so called cooperative engineer education which contains both in-firm training as well as engineer education at an university over the time of 4 years.

The week is split into two parts during the first two years: On the one hand you will participate in an apprenticeship at celano GmbH, on the other hand you will participate at schooling in the university Bottrop or the university Bochum. The shortened apprenticeship ends with the regular exam at the board of trade. During your main studies you will get to know practical engineering as a student assistant. The intership is held at celano GmbH. Concerning your exam you will pick a topic with a practical relevance for celano GmbH.

celano GmbH offers a cooperative engineer education in the following fields:

  • elecrical Engineering (Bachelor of Science) in the subject area Automation with integrated training as a IT specialist for application developement
  • computer Science (Bachelor of Science) with integrated training as a IT specialist for application developement



  • very good secondary-school examinations
  • a good mathematical and scientific understanding
  • logical understanding
  • performance-oriented and above-average dedication

application period

  • September - December of the next year


contact person

celano GmbH
Mrs. Maria Niehoff
Im Blankenfeld 6-8
46238 Bottrop
Phone: +49 2041/77901-123
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.