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The developement strategy

of celano GmbH is based on

a strict seperation of

process components from system components

customer oriented software development process

  • requirements and ideas of the customers are converted into bits and bytes
  • the cusomters are integrated into the entire development process
  • due to many years of experience we offer our customers solutions which are suitable for their specific technological needs


modular structure of the applications

  • by seperating the process data acquisition from its visualization the user interface can be accessed from any location
  • single components can easily be replaced
  • new interfaces can easily be added

use of open standards and up to date software technologies

  • the use of programming languages like C/C++ and JAVA, protocols like TCP/IP and standards like XML ensures a high inter-operability which makes the investment future proof
  • the delivered source-code can be smoothly accessed and edited

platform independence

  • software remains fully functional after a system change (hardware, operating system)
  • the user interface can easily be installed on any PC without requiring additional software or configuration

no additional expenses

  • no additional licensing fees of third party supplier are needed
  • unlimited number of user interfaces