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Furnace control system celFCS



Today, furnace operators are confronted with the problem of a bigger spread in materials and increasing quality standards while working with much smaller lot sizes. In addition stricter environment regulations as well as higher energy costs intensify the situation. The old concepts are pushed to their limits. This apply in particular while working with changing thermal properties, such as different dimensions of the material.

The furnace control systems celFCS (celano Furnace Control System) for

  • reheating furnaces (celFCS-rhf),
  • strip lines (celFCS-cal) and
  • batch annealing shop (celFCS-bas)

are helping to achive the stated requirements.

By their use with the goal of

  • energy savings through reaching the setpoint temperature just in time
  • decrease of quality spread
  • reduction of tinder (reheating furnaces and continous annealing lines)
  • standardization of the operation mode

important ressources are beeing saved and product quality is improved.

In addition to online operation with steady adjustment with the process state every furnace control system also offers offline operation for simulation of target value determination and quality control.